Best seo tips for beginners


actually SEO is HUGE.

The most important word here is optimization.

So, it qualifies the word “Search engine".

It's important to note that optimisation is not
meant for Google alone, it's general for every
seach engine.

Optimization is making your website to abide by
the rules of operation of search engines so that
when a user types a keyword on Google or any
search engine, your content may be ranked and
resulting to your site being listed on SERP
(Search engine result page).

Unfortunately, your content alone will not make
your site appear on the first page.

There are plenty of things it entails, especially
link building, which I think is the most important
thing to do when optimizing your website.

Onpage SEO is when you optimize your content
like adding alt attribute to your images, making
keyword research and using that keyword in your
header and content, including setting key phrase.

Offpage SEO means working on your Domain
authority and Page authority which is an
important metrix used by Search engines to rank
one website higher than another. This include
building backlinks from authority websites on
your niche.

Do some more researches and you'll know better.
Don't expect to understand the concept of SEO
within a week. Or by checking into few sites. If
you can't afford the money to buy some books
on it, then you'll need to learn from tens of sites
or maybe hundreds of sites.

Hope this helps...

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  1. Personally speaking, this sounds like a whole lot of work

  2. Wow I didn't know really know anything about SEO before... Now I know a little... Thanks.