How To Set Up Propeller Ads With Any Website

I disagree that media ad network is alternative to AdSense. Media is even more complicated to get approval. AdSense accepted superguideblog for the very first time, while media has rejected it three times.

To me propellerads is the alternative ad serving network to adsense.

Below are the multiple reasons why propellerads is the worlds' second best, reliable ad serving platform;

1. Any kind of blog/website can get approval

2. One can earn much by sending direct traffic from social media sites.

3. Per impression can fetch publisher 10$.

4. Publisher can serve both AdSense and propeller ads in same blog or website.

5. Simple payment method.

6. First time payment is 100$ and after that threshold will be 20$ depending on the payment method.

7. It is very easy to set up.

So in this blog post, I want to show you how to set up propeller ad network and start earning.

Maybe AdSense has rejected your blog for countless number of times, worry not, trust me propellerads will accept it no matter what you blog about.

Continue reading as we take our step by step guide with photos below.

Before I proceed, let me show you my current earning balance!
propellerads advertiser

Step 1: Go to and click the menu dropdown icon, then click sign up.
propeller ads vs adsense

Step 2: At this you need to choose if you want to sign up as advertiser or publisher, choose publisher.
propeller ads blogger

Step 3: Now the sign up form will open, fill in all input fields with your detail and click the blue sign up button to continue.
propellerads login

Step 4: propellerads will send you a mail to activate your account. Simply go to mail inbox to click and activate your account through the provided link in the message.
propellerads sign up

Congratulations! Your account is now fully active.

If you noticed, propellerads did not ask for your site url during form fill up. so the next thing to do is to add your site to your new propellerads account.

How to add site to propellerads account

Step 1: Login your new account using your email and password, then click on the dropdown menu, click sites from the option area.
propeller ads tutorial

Step 2: In the new window, enter your site URL and click the add button.
propeller ads example

Now propellerads will review your site and inform when to add adcode to it.

How to create email account

How to increase AdSense CPC rate

How to add propellerads ad code to site

Step 1: Login your account, click the menu area and select site, then click the site you have added.

Step 2: Creative ad zone and add the adcode in between the HTML head tag of your site.

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